Snakes on Koh Chang Title isn’t strictly true not so much as snakes on koh chang more like one small snake on a beach on  koh chang In all the time that I have been on Koh Chang I have never seen a snake until the other day when I was having a relaxing time on Khlong Phrao beach. I was resting under the shade of some bushes and trees when I saw this little fella. Now I know Thailand has loads of snakes I am not one hundred per cent sure, but think the number is around three hundred and obviously with a number that high you are going to get some venomous ones! The good news is that most are non-venomous, but to be on the safe side don’t get too close, unlike me!  I first spotted him on the ground and followed him with my flipcam as he went up a tree. My better half thought that it was a called a “whip snake” and not dangerous to humans…….. apparently. If there are any snake experts out there add a comment via the contact page – cheers.
Koh Chang Word Search Puzzle Yes it’s not a video, have you ever played word search? You normally find these types of puzzles in puzzle books and newspapers. I used to use them when I did a spell of teaching many moons ago.  I also used to buy books of these puzzles for my kids, they must have been good as they have all excelled in their academic studies. They are used throughout the world of education as it has been shown that word search puzzles do help people to learn new words especially young children, it also helps them with spelling the words correctly. The puzzle is simply made up of a grid with letters all you have to do is find and mark all the hidden words, most puzzles will have a theme and the one above has a theme can you guess what it is? Yep it’s Koh Chang, but it’s a little more specific then that, it is a list of well-known locations on the island so go ahead and see if you can find them, there are five in total. To make it a little easier all the location can be found on the coast [More]
Koh Chang Underwater Shipwreck HTMS Chang Now Rests at the Bottom of the Sea Wow these guys (divers) were keen as you may have read here that HTMS Chang was laid to rest at the bottom of the sea and will become a haven of sea life in the future. So why are these divers so keen? Well the video you’re watching was taken just 30 minutes after the ship had been sunk they are either keen or mad. I go for being keen as I know just how excited these guys are about diving. I use the word mad as I am also a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to doing risk analyses and would be concerned that the ship could have been unstable as it had only just come to rest on the bottom. Anyhow I was told that all was in order before the dive was made and that no further dives will be allowed until the Thai Navy give the wrecks stability etc the thumbs up. I am excited about this wreck apart from being a great home for sea life it will also help with tourism on the island. I just hope [More]
Walking on Koh Chang is great fun and you don’t have to make an expedition of it and go up into the jungle (although that’s great fun as well, just make sure you get a good guide) I just like having  a leisurely stroll along the coast. Video shot in January 2012, at one of my favourite chill out spots on the island of Koh Chang. This spot is situated at the northern end of Klong Prao, below Chai Chet. I like to get dropped off at Chai Chet get a bite to eat and then make my way to a view point by Chai Chet Bungalows, relax and then walk south down to the inlet that goes down to Iyara Seafood and the Bodiwork Spa. If you watch the video you will see a glimpse of one of the local westerners lying flat out on his back on what appears to be a homemade boat he certainly looks chilled out. If the time is on my side I sometimes take a canoe down the river towards Aana Resort turn around and head back to Chai Chet. Like I said I do like walking, and by the time I am [More]
Koh Chang Weather in May Part Two As promised here is another basic video taken the following day after the “Koh Chang Weather in May Part One” Remember this isn’t a video competition just trying to show you the difference in weather from one day to the next in the so called rainy season. This was short about 12 hours after the first vid and yes its dry! Don’t get too hung up about the weather in Koh Chang unless you’re a beach bum and just want to chill out on the beach day after day. If you are into sun bathing then stick to Dec to April and you will be heaven. For those who want to explore the island and see it for what it is then visit any time of year. If you’re into photography then you can see some great views when it’s raining especially as the island is blessed with great waterfalls.
koh Chang Weather in May Part One I always get questions asked about koh Chang weather and I always say that it’s better than most other places I have lived in! Basically you get your seasons which are cool between November and January, burning between February to April and then wet between May and October. I am talking about the weather the most unpredictable subject in the universe! So you just can’t say for sure what’s going to happen. I always remember one of the first times I came to koh Chang I was told that the rainy season would start on the 1st of May, and though and behold it started to pour down on the first of May. So I thought to myself well here we go almost 6 months of rain to come! From the 2nd of May until the middle of June the sun came out every day and it rained on two of those days. So as you can see you can’t really predict. Just remember that if it is raining it’s still warm that’s way I love this part of the world. Here is a video taken in May and I will call this [More]
The Road to Long Beach on Koh Chang Don’t be misled into thinking that the road on the map that goes down to Long Beach on Koh Chang is like the majority of the road on Koh Chang. As its not it’s more like the surface of Mars! You really need a four by four, but I still wouldn’t risk it. You will be well advised to park up your truck and walk to get to Long Beach or alternative hire a boat to take you there. I normally take the truck to the view point in this video. If you are going to walk keep in mind the season and the intensity of the heat as it’s a long walk and you will need bottled water. The video shows us looking out onto two islands. The bigger one of the two is called Koh Phrao Nai and the smaller one is called Koh Sai Khao.  Beyond the islands lay Salak Phet. I am into walking so am used to walking long distances, I can’t however, overemphasize the need to take provisions on this trek including sun factor 1000! hat, food, water etc.
Koh Chang Taxis How to get around on Koh Chang the obvious answer is on motor cycles; however I prefer to have four wheels and suggest you hire a car for a day or two. Alternately you can get a Taxi to get you from A to B. However, this can work out a little expensive, if you are going to get on a Taxi look out for the ones that have yellow plate numbers these are real taxis! The white number plates belong to fake taxis and they take away business from the legitimate taxis (yellow plated ones) that have to pay for a license. It’s the fake taxis that give Koh Chang taxis a bad name as they just want to earn a quick buck in-between working for the local resorts. Real taxis are quite distinguishable as they have a large taxi sign on top of the cab. OK moving on – whats the vid? This brilliant video features a ride in a Taxi on Koh Chang heading away from Hadd Sai Khao (white sand beach),OK so the video isn’t brilliant, it does, however,show you how busy and bumpy the road can be ! How many real taxis [More]
Views around Koh Chang Thought this was a great find watched it a few times now and have to say that it does capture quite a lot of the Island.  We start of on the ferry  with the Thai flag blowing in the wind,it appears the young star in the vid get’s dropped off at a hotel. We have a quick road ride and then our star finds herself at the view point just before you drive down into white sands beach. The music kicks in which I love but some will hate. We see our star on a coconut tree swing at Khlong Phrao beach. Quick glimpses of night life, hotel, omelette breakfast and hotel swimming pool! Snorkelling shots are good as she’s feeding the fish with bread, but I don’t know what the environmentalist amongst you will think?  If you don’t take your eyes of the screen you will see a quick shot of a long boat tied up at a tiny island which I know is a great place to swim.  Catch the famous Roti Koh pancakes and then move at the speed of sound as the final sequences end in a cascade at the KHLONG PHLU [More]
The Koh Chang Mangrove Walkway in Salakkok Yes this is a concrete walkway must admit somehow it doesn’t quite fit in with its surroundings. By that I mean on the one hand you have the mangroves with all their natural wonders and then you have the walkway that appears to be made from concrete from a disused nuclear fallout shelter. The walkway does a good job in bringing you close to nature just a shame it wasn’t made of something a bit more natural looking. The walkway has quite a few stopping points that contain information about the mangroves. However the information is not that engaging and basically consists of a few paragraphs of data. I think this is a miss opportunity as I am sure it would make a great educational trip for the schools from the mainland………….anyway it’s easy to criticise and complain. I am not sure how old the walkway is but even though it’s made out of solid concrete parts of it could do with a bit of a spring clean. I think the video is the most boringness one I have ever taken but it gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect if [More]
How Clear is the Water on Koh Chang Koh Chang – White Sand beach and me being silly but hey why not? All I was trying to do was show you how clear the water is on Koh Chang considering it is very close to the mainland. While doing this my other half decided to pinch my bottom, I almost dropped the camera! I created this site to show you what Koh Chang is like for your average holiday maker or tourist. As you can see we from the video we are amateur movie makers lol! So please don’t be shy, send in your own videos or photos of the island for all to share and see. Getting back to the video, it was shot on white Sands beach, the most commercialised of all the beaches on the island. I hope it does go to show how clear the water is and how warm it is. I always remember my first trip to the Island, steeping of the boat into the shallow water and thinking my god this is like getting into a warm bath. Towards the end of the video you hear me questioning myself if I had turned [More]
Chai-Chet viewpoint This is me and the other half standing on top of the view point close to the Chai-Chet Resort. The Chai-Chet viewpoint is basically rocks that jut out into the sea and can be found by walking into the Chai-Chet resort, head towards the Grand Villa sea view accommodation (the expensive ones, high season will set you back approximately 3,500.00 Baht a night) and it won’t be long before you will see a spirit house and then a homemade step ladder that leads to the top of the rocks. I tried to take a 360 degree video and talk at the same time, I think that’s why  I sounded a bit Japanese “panoramaaaaaa view”. The vid was taken on our little flip camera, as you can see the day was quite cloudy but warm. OK I also have to admit that I don’t recommend trying to do the same video shot unless you anchor yourself to the rocks – you might have caught my better half saying “be careful darling” as I nearly went head over heels! This is just one of the places that we go to chill out as the sunsets from here can be quite [More]
  Guarantee you will be taking a vid like this if you go to white sand beach check out that blue sky – wish you were here Koh Chang Thailand by White Sand Beach Koh Chang im April 2009. Traumhafter Strand auf der Insel Koh Chang, ca 300 Kilometer südöstlich von Bangkok im Golf von Siam, kurz vor Kambotscha. Wer Ursprünglichkeit, überwältigende Natur, idyllische Traumstrände fernab vom Massentourismus liebt, wird auf Koh Chang garantiert einen unvergesslichen Urlaub verbringen.
One made in 2010 but still has a good upbeat to it – enjoy! Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand and is located on the thai east coast near the border with Cambodia. You can reach Koh Chang from Bangkok by bus direct to the ferry peer or flight to Trat. Filmed with Panasonic TZ7 / ZS3 AVCHD lite 720p. Recorded in 2010. Watch in HD. Background music : Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know Koh Chang est la deuxième plus grande île de Thaïlande et se situe sur la côte Est près de la frontière avec le Cambodge. Vous pouvez vous rendre à Koh Chang depuis Bangkok par bus directement à l’embarcadère du ferry ou par avion à Trat. Filmé avec un Panasonic TZ7 / ZS3 en AVCHD lite 720p. Enregistré en 2010. Regardez en HD. Musique : Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know
Koh Chang Trip  – Paul & Keaw take some time out during Songkran to relax and explore Thailand 2nd largest Island Koh Chang. Good quality vid another overview make a note about the comment the guy makes about roads! Made me a little hungry also smile to see my Thai isn’t as bad as I thought!
Headed from Pattaya to Koh Chang Island – for a little relaxation on a tropical Island. Travelling from Pattaya to Koh Chang? Then you might want to watch this video as it contains some good pointers on how to get to the island at the start of the video. Provides basic info about the island for example did you know that the highest mountain is 743 meters high, if you live in the UK  Scafell Pike being the highest is at 978 metres (3209 feet) so that gives you an isae of the height. However getting to the top of the highest peak in Koh Chang is a lot harder and not recommended relax on the beach instead. The vid also points out that you can actually camp on the island so if interested do a little bit more research before you go. The guy in the vid heads off to lonely beach you see oodles of tattoo shops  there’s one scene where you see a guy actually having a bamboo style tattoo done, made me smile to see the customer  scrolling through tunes on his phone as the tattooist worked on his arm.  The obligatory sunset and beach [More]
Koh Chang Thailand. Holiday and Travel Paradise in South East Asia. The music is the Thai Reggae Band Job 2 Do Some great photos from  not forgetting the music – thank you You can check out the group here
Koh Chang Night Activity I get ask about the night life on Koh Chang and saw this vid by and thought it would provide some answers, let’s just hope the area does not grow, no disrespect to the people who work there but if you’re looking for this type of activity then visit Pattaya. Too tired to walk the entire White Sand Beach stretch the first night we arrived, who would have believed what was happening down there! A one-block square area filled with pulsating lights, loud music, and bars offering companionship. If you are looking for a man or a woman, head down in this direction. ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and I had fun just talking and exchanging New Year’s greeting with the bored women and one “ladyboy” waiting for action. My theory has always been…each to his own…
Koh Chang Basic Look simple video but good overview of island Koh Chang. Much more at and http Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island -after Phuket- the size is 429 Trat’s province has 51more islands and the number one visited is Koh Chang. Of all the Koh Chang beaches White Sand Beach is the busiest beach with accommodation of every level plus restaurants and bars. Koh Chang White Sand Beach itself is about 2 kilometers long and the best areas is from the midsection to the north end.
Koh Chang Part 3 – How to Rent a Motor Cycle and how to get your Laundry Done! Part 3 is here!  All about Koh Chang by JC. This time around he shows you how to rent a motor cycle on Koh Change. He comes up with a couple of options on how to hire without having to leave your passport with the dealer. There are a number of other tips but instead of writing them here watch the video and enjoy. Love what he says at the end  – People get comfortable in their discomfort – think about it – you only live once!