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Koh Chang Word Search Puzzle Koh Chang Word Search Puzzle Yes it’s not a video, have you ever played word search? You normally find these types of puzzles in puzzle books and newspapers. I used [...]
Koh Chang Underwater Shipwreck HTMS Chang Now Rests at the Bottom of the Sea Wow these guys (divers) were keen as you may have read here that HTMS Chang was laid to rest at the bottom of the sea an [...]
Walking on Koh Chang is great fun and you don’t have to make an expedition of it and go up into the jungle (although that’s great fun as well, just make sure you get a good guide) I just like havi [...]
Koh Chang Weather in May Part Two As promised here is another basic video taken the following day after the “Koh Chang Weather in May Part One” Remember this isn’t a video competition just tryi [...]
koh Chang Weather in May Part One I always get questions asked about koh Chang weather and I always say that it’s better than most other places I have lived in! Basically you get your seasons wh [...]
The Road to Long Beach on Koh Chang Don’t be misled into thinking that the road on the map that goes down to Long Beach on Koh Chang is like the majority of the road on Koh Chang. As its not it’s [...]
Snakes on Koh Chang Title isn’t strictly true not so much as snakes on koh chang more like one small snake on a beach on  koh chang In all the time that I have been on Koh Chang I have never se [...]

Thanks for the info this is still the only snake that I have seen since being here :-)

Jin Looks like a tree snake, there are loads around Koh Chang , they are not harmful. Its hard to see by the video , whip snakes have a pointy head. Vipers etc usually have quite fat heads.

admin Cheers Tim for the info - yes I did get a bit of a telling off from the wife about being close so now will only film one with a telephoto lens!

Koh Chang Taxis How to get around on Koh Chang the obvious answer is on motor cycles; however I prefer to have four wheels and suggest you hire a car for a day or two. Alternately you can get a Taxi [...]
Views around Koh Chang Thought this was a great find watched it a few times now and have to say that it does capture quite a lot of the Island.  We start of on the ferry  with the Thai flag blowi [...]
The Koh Chang Mangrove Walkway in Salakkok Yes this is a concrete walkway must admit somehow it doesn’t quite fit in with its surroundings. By that I mean on the one hand you have the mangroves wit [...]
How Clear is the Water on Koh Chang Koh Chang – White Sand beach and me being silly but hey why not? All I was trying to do was show you how clear the water is on Koh Chang considering it is very c [...]
Chai-Chet viewpoint This is me and the other half standing on top of the view point close to the Chai-Chet Resort. The Chai-Chet viewpoint is basically rocks that jut out into the sea and can b [...]
  Guarantee you will be taking a vid like this if you go to white sand beach check out that blue sky – wish you were here Koh Chang Thailand by White Sand Beach [...]

MrPearloforient I was there in november.... It's a really nice place to be! I wanna go back! :(

jjwebsonline 1998 I went there. Changed a bit since then - but still beautiful..

21Fingerboarder I was there eastern in the amari very nice there

One made in 2010 but still has a good upbeat to it - enjoy! Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand and is located on the thai east coast near the border with Cambodia. You can reach Koh [...]

scherffenberg - Gives you views :-) I love your videos!

ReefFrog I have very good memories from this island (been there numerous times). Nice vid. Thanks.

607777777 Having experienced Pattaya this was paradise look forward to going there again next year

Koh Chang Trip  - Paul & Keaw take some time out during Songkran to relax and explore Thailand 2nd largest Island Koh Chang. Good quality vid another overview make a note about the comment the [...]

razelma Wonderful. "Hello Mom"

tatuke Hey Razelma - glad you liked it - I was going to make it private - but life is for sharing Paul

KOBORI07 This brings back memories.I wanna be back again to koh chang not so distant future.

Headed from Pattaya to Koh Chang Island - for a little relaxation on a tropical Island. Travelling from Pattaya to Koh Chang? Then you might want to watch this video as it contains some good p [...]

ALifeRealized Great video, I spent a month with David at Little Eden and Lonely Beach. However I'll respectfully disagree that the beach isn't clean. The locals take great care of cleaning up and the water is crystal clear, and warm.

whistlingwhippet The first time i visited the Beach (lonely) was pristine, no litter anywhere. Sad.

Billy Gilhooley i am inspired, amazing video!

Koh Chang Thailand. Holiday and Travel Paradise in South East Asia. The music is the Thai Reggae Band Job 2 Do Some great photos from  not forgetting the music – thank you [...]

MrCharly0815 Really great photos from koh chang in thailand

MrCharly0815 realy great photos from koh chang in thailand

blackbenben very nice pics !

Koh Chang Night Activity I get ask about the night life on Koh Chang and saw this vid by and thought it would provide some answers, let’s just hope the area does not gro [...]

tigerdut look like teenagers, yes, but often 32-34 years old with 2-3 children But sweet girls, Yes. I like them !

tigerdut look like teenagers, yes, but often 32-34 years old with 2-3 children But sweet girls, Yes. I like them !

nikkoid I agree, Thai women are looking young to our eyes because they are slim and we are not used to see Asian and cannot evaluate their age correctly. However, once naked on the bed, and without makup, they look their age and are often a big disapointement. They are very nice and polite though, which is not the case of most hookers in our western countries.

Koh Chang Basic Look simple video but good overview of island Koh Chang. Much more at and http Koh Chang is Thailand's second largest island -after Phuket- the size is 429 sq. [...]

giamba61 i love ko chang

Koh Chang Part 3 - How to Rent a Motor Cycle and how to get your Laundry Done! Part 3 is here!  All about Koh Chang by JC. This time around he shows you how to rent a motor cycle on Koh Change. He [...]
Koh Chang Video Series - The First in a Set of Eleven Almost another year is over and just before Christmas day I discovered some videos about Koh Chang in fact there are a total of 11 videos from [...]